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posted 2/14/2017

Type Full time
Unit Catering

Computing skills to make cash change, take inventory, create # of pieces for a portion by performing adding, subtracting, multiplication and division
Ability to read product labels, recipes and safety instructions
May require the legal right and ability to drive a company vehicle. Driver's license must not have any high risk factors as defined by the Company's vehicle insurance company.
Ability to interact with customers, coworkers and vendors in a diplomatic manner
Ability to work effectively as a team member
Ability to perform a variety of tasks in a variety of locations and determine the order and sequence with limited daily supervisory direction.

Lift 20 lb. routinely
Lift once a day to 10 times a week 50 lbs
Stoop, bend, push, pull throughout a shift
Performs duties standing for several hours daily

Take proper food and equipment temperatures.

Enters customer purchases into the point of sales (POS) system. Processes the transaction with the proper tender - cash, meal plan, debit account, or credit card. Enters all transactions according to  meal plan, discount and tax policies. Reviews all credit cards, meal cards and biometric scans to verify the customer.  Makes proper change, if necessary.

When the POS system is off-line, manually record the customer information and purchase for later processing.

Answers customer questions about meal plan and purchasing policies. Notifies customers of balances when they inquire or when the balance appear low. Notifies the manager or supervisor on duty of any irregularities with customers and or sales.

Cash drawers beginning bank of change is counted and recorded in a private locations. At the end of each operating day, the cash drawer is counted and recorded. A beginning bank is placed into the safe and balance is sent to the Cash Office.

Reviews all Event Orders Sheets for future and current day's catering events. Packs service items for future events completing a packing sheet and documenting boxes, tubs, or bags. Folds and sorts linen, rolls silver ware, polishes and assembles equipment and dish ware, and gathers decorations for events. On the day of the event, verify packing sheets and packs all final items. Review the culinary planning record for all the food that must be taken to the event. Gather food items abiding by HACCP guidelines for time and temperature. Prepare beverages and ice for travel. Pack vehicle or carts for transport. Insure safe food temperature and arrangement while in transit. May transport other personnel. Set up and arrange tables, chairs, service equipment. Prepare with linens and drapes. Arrange food and beverages according to standard display diagrams. Turns on heat sources and ice downs to maintain temperatures during serving time. Replenish as needed. Serve food and beverages to customers according to proper fine dining etiquette.

Breaks down the event by completing event summary and culinary planning record, discarding all food, returning table and chair arrangement to original formation; transport all equipment and dish ware to the catering kitchen. Cleans floors, equipment and dishes as needed.

Schedule based on the Catering Department events

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