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Laundry services at SUNY Cortland are "Free Play"
(students pay a fee at the start of the semester to wash & dry)

LaundryView is available in all on-campus residence halls.

  • Monitor the status of washers and dryers. 
  • Always know if machines are open for use or when your laundry is done.
  • Sign up for LaundryView text alerts

Sign-up for LaundryView Alerts

 By registering with LaundryView, you can set and maintain alerts that will notify you when your laundry has completed its cycle and/or when a certain number of machines become available in a laundry room. Complete the registration form.

View available washers and dryers in your Residence Hall.

Report a problem with the machines:

Call 1-800-622-4729, press 1

or send an email or text message to

Campus Clothes Line™ — provides instructions and green laundry techniques, informational You Tube videos, a forum to get advice from a laundry pro, and the opportunity to offer feedback and suggestions and to win prizes for making the effort to learn about laundry!