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If you’re a student, you need Connections your campus debit account.

It’s the fastest, safest, most convenient way for you to buy the services and items you need.

A world of options, right on your ID card!

You can view your balance or add money to your account in several ways:

The early bird gets … the free food! Deposit $700 or more in your Connections account by the first Sunday in Aug. (for the fall semester) or by Jan. 8, 2017, -- normally the first Sunday in Jan. -- (for the spring semester) and we’ll give you 35 Dragon Dollars and three guest passes!

The not-so-early bird gets free food, too! Deposit $700 or more in your Connections account by the Friday of the second week of classes, and we’ll give you 25 Dragon Dollars and two guest passes!

Don’t know how much you should add? Check out a few sample budgets here.

When you graduate or withdraw from school complete this form.

* See Terms and Conditions