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College Store FAQs

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What is the online textbook order process?

This is a free service that places the books you will need each semester in a box that is ready for you to start the semester off right.  You must pay for your textbooks at the time of the order. Choose to pick up in the store or have them shipped home. Online orders are given priority for the used books which are up to 25% less expensive than new textbooks. 

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Why should I purchase my books at the College Store?
  • You receive the correct edition of the title your professor will be using in class.
  • We offer a textbook price guarantee.
  • We are a not-for-profit organization that exists solely to serve SUNY Cortland students, faculty and staff.
  • Convenience – we’re right on campus!
  • You can order books online, and we will prepack them for you.
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Can I sell my books back to the College Store even if I didn’t purchase them there?
Yes! As long as the book meets our customary buy back requirements, you'll receive cash plus a Bonus Buck (at all buyback locations).

Buy back requirements:

  • Books must be generally in good shape: not torn or badly dog-eared.  Usually coffee or water damage preclude resale.
  • Many books come with CD's or other ancillaries.  The store may not be able to purchase text unless these are included, since instructors may require these pieces.
  • No missing pages or front and back covers.
  • Internal marking and highlighting cannot be excessive.
  • No more than three pages of completed exercises in book.
  • Must ordinarily be a current edition. 
  • Old editions usually have no buyback value.


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Summer and Winter Semester Textbooks Return Policy

Summer and winter semester textbooks are non-returnable.


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Textbook Rentals
Should I buy or rent textbooks?

The upfront price of textbook rental is lower than the price of buying.

But there is no buy back option for rentals.

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How can I rent textbooks?
  • Get your schedule and book list from myRedDragon portal.
  • Select rent books.
  • Complete your order
  • To pick up your online rentals, bring a valid ID and know your online order number.
  • Or choose to rent when you check out at the service counter.
  • ASC requires a signed rental agreement from the student and a credit card number.
  • Textbooks need to be returned to The College Store by the last day of final exams.

Have questions? Please call (607) 753-2090 or email

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Questions about your rentals?

Please call or e-mail Nebraska Books at PH# (855) 558-2759

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What is the College Store’s return policy?
  • You must have a receipt.
  • Electronic Equipment must be unopened.
  • Clothing must be unworn, in new-with-tags condition.
  • New and used texts may be returned for a refund within 10 days of the start of classes. Purchases made after the 10th day of class are not eligible for a full refund. 
  • Textbooks that have been written in or have had shrink-wrap removed will be considered used, and not eligible for a full refund.
  • Software is non-refundable once opened.
  • Web / e-book access cards and custom course packets are non-refundable.
  • Material not eligible for a full refund will be offered a national, wholesale, buyback price.
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Can I use Dining Dollars or a Connections account to purchase College Store merchandise?

You may use your Connections account to purchase any College Store materials. Dining Dollars are for meal plan purchases in the dining facilities only.

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Can I add money to my Connections Account at the College Store?

You can add money at the ASC office or online.

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What happens to what is left of my Financial Aid if I don’t use it all?

Please check with the Bursar/Student Accounts Office.

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Can I purchase stamps at the College Bookstore?

Yes. They’re available in books of 20 at any register.

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Whom do I contact for information about an online order?

Please e-mail or call (607) 753-4621.

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What is the abandoned orders policy?

The College Store will hold in-store pickup orders placed prior to the start of the semester until 10 days after the first day of classes. The Store considers orders not picked up by the deadline as abandoned.

In-store pickup orders placed after the first day of class through finals week, and not picked up within 10 days of the order date are considered abandoned.

The College Store will re-shelve abandoned orders and refund to the customer at 20% less the original purchase price (re-stock fee).

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How do I submit my textbook requisitions?

We have two options:

  • Online textbook requisition form. The online system will automatically route the submitted requisition to the department chair for approval. Both the instructor and the department secretary/coordinator will receive an email confirmation of the text requisition.

Our textbook personnel are available to assist you.  Call (607) 753-4630 or (607) 753-2090 if you have questions.

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What information do you need on my requisition form?
  • ISBN. The International Standard Book Number is a unique number assigned to each edition of every book published. Usually printed on the copyright page or on the back cover, this number is the most accurate identifier of a specific title. Often the ISBN on the back covers of complimentary copies references the "instructor copy,” NOT the student edition. If you are ordering a package, please be sure to get the correct ISBN from the publisher representative for the specific package you want. Publishers have numerous editions and combinations of materials, and each one has its own unique ISBN.
  • Author/Editor. Please list full name.
  • Title. Please indicate the entire title; include any subtitles.
  • Edition/Year. Please indicate the edition and copyright year. Use of old editions requires special arrangements with the textbook manager. Titles with known upcoming new editions will be noted on preprinted requisition forms.
  • Publisher. List the publisher's name and/or imprint. Please provide address, telephone, and fax information for special sources and small presses.
  • BD. Please indicate the type of binding (e.g. paper, hard cover, spiral, comb).
  • You will be asked if you plan to use the book more than one semester and you’ll require or recommend it.

Please call our textbook department during normal business hours if you have questions regarding price, edition, availability, etc. (753-2090, 753-4630 or 753-2089). Or email 

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How do I order my own custom course pack?

We provide copyright clearance, production services and sales for your custom course packs. Duplicating material and securing the necessary permissions enhances student learning, but entails a lengthy process – so be sure to start the-request-for-permission process as soon as possible, preferably before other course materials information is requested. Procedures and fees vary from publisher to publisher. Failing to obtain copyright permissions violates the legal rights of the author and/or the publisher, and may result in liability for faculty members and the College. The College ’s copyright policy, adopted by the President ’s cabinet in 1999, is available at

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How are textbook order quantities determined?
  • Historical order data for each textbook
  • Your accurate estimate
  • The number of available and taken seats in a class
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What if there are course changes?

We understand that classes may be cancelled, instructors changed, or sections added. Please submit changes to us as soon as possible so that we can serve all the students’ textbook needs. Email or call 753-2090 or 753-2089 or 753-4630.

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What if you sell out of the books for my class?

 Please call the textbook department at 753-2090 or 753-2089. Sometimes we shelve a title under more than one course, and the student doesn't realize it. If we have sold out, we will make every effort to get more copies as quickly as possible. Assuming availability, reorders usually arrive within two to three business days. If we have problems getting more copies, we will alert you right away. We encourage students to reserve books by leaving their names at the textbook desk. You can help by asking for a show of hands when your class meets, and let us know that number. If you so request, we will call you when the reorder arrives so you can announce it to your class.


Course materials play a critical role in college education. They supplement and enhance classroom instruction, provide students with additional references and points of view, and serve as excellent review tools. The College Store and faculty share the same goal: serving the students. Together, we can work toward having all course materials on the shelves when students need them, in support of SUNY Cortland’s academic mission.


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What if I have a problem with computer hardware or electronics purchased at College Store?

Please contact the manufacturer. Most electronics have a one-year limited warranty for defects in parts.

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How do I take advantage of the education discounts on computers?

If you access the Dell or Apple website through links on the College Store website, you automatically get a discount. Both of these sites accept online forms of payment. If you would like to use financial aid (Only on in stock computers), please contact us at 607-753-4622.

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Can I purchase electronic equipment with financial aid?

Yes. You can even purchase an iPod if it’s verified as used for educational purposes. This will be done on a student-by-student basis.

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I will not be on campus due to student teaching, internship or study abroad. How can I make graduation arrangements?

The College's Commencement page has up-to-date information about graduation and arrangements.

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Can you mail me my cap and gown?

Cap, gown and tassels can by mailed or picked up in store. Students should first select their Commencement ceremony on myRedDragon, after which they will be directed to links to purchase caps, gowns, tassels, flowers, announcements, class rings, diploma frames and other gift items related to Commencement.

Students can also order directly from the Graduation catalog.

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Can I borrow a cap and gown from a past graduate?
Cap, gown, hood, tassel and diploma cover are required for participation in the graduation ceremony. If you plan to borrow a cap and gown, you must purchase a diploma cover.
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