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New Plans!

**Tuition bill additions are available until noon on the fifth full day of classes. If you add through tuition, allow 2 business days for meal plan activation.

Off and West Campus Meal Plans- TAX FREE! 

Instead of paying $9.50 for a retail lunch, save over $2 per meal* with an off-campus meal plan!

Make it easy on yourself and sign up for a meal plan.  It’s convenient! All you need is your ID card!    

Choose the plan that best meets your needs.

  • Meals per semester with Dining Dollars* & Guest Passes
  • Dragon (declining balance plan with Dining Dollars*)
  • Unlimited Access to Neubig Dining or The Bistro with Dining Dollars* & Guest Passes

Off-Campus Meals per Semester or Dragon Dollar Plans (Tax-Free Dining)

Plan NameMeals per Semester*
Use in Neubig
& The Bistro
Residential Dining
Dining Dollars**
Retail Dining
Guest Passes**
Use in Neubig
& The Bistro
6.5 meals per week
($30 per week***)
5 meals per week
($26.50 per week***)
3 meals per week
($23 per week***)
  Dragon Plan dining dollars 
can be used in retail and residential.
($17 per week***)

($35 per week***)

($53 per week***)


Unlimited Access Meal Plans (Tax-Free Dining)

Plan NameMeals*
Use in Neubig &
The Bistro
Dining Dollars**
Retail Dining
Guest Passes**
Use in Neubig
& The Bistro
Price Per Semester
Platinum PlusUnlimited Access$425
($28 per week***)
Gold PlusUnlimited Access$325
($21.50 per week***)
Silver PlusUnlimited Access$225
($15 per week***)
Bronze PlusUnlimited Access$125
($8 per week***)
Copper PlusUnlimited Access$25
($1.60 per week***)


If you do not need a full meal plan, open a Connections account and eat at all on-campus dining facilites and at off-campus partners.

Click Here to buy a meal plan with a charge card. 

To purchase a meal plan by using financial aid or by using your tuition bill (only available until noon on the fifth day of classes) click here for directions.

Questions? Email, call (607) 753-2430 or visit the ASC office in Neubig Hall, open 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday - Friday.

Terms and Conditions

*Actual savings per meal depends upon the meal plan chosen, what meal is purchased (breakfast, lunch or dinner) and where the meal is purchased (retail or residential). Graph examples reflect a lunch purchase.  The $2 savings per meal is an average savings gained throughout the semester with a meal plan.

**Unlimited Access plan meals, meals per semester plans and Guest Passes are for use in residential dining—Neubig and The Bistro. All transactions in our other on-campus retail dining facilities are paid out of the Dining Dollars account. Meals per semester, Dining Dollars & Guest Passes must be used before the end of the semester.

***Meals per Week and Dining Dollars per week are approximations based on a 15-week semester and are for weekly budgeting purposes only.

****Use Dining Dollars to buy your way into Neubig Dining or The Bistro (Breakfast $6.50 Brunch $7.25 Lunch $7.75 Dinner $9) or pay a-la-carte pricing in any retail unit. Dining Dollars must be used up by the end of the semester.

  • Your ID card is your meal plan card.
  • Your meal plan is for your personal use only and is nonrefundable after the tenth week of classes.
  • Retail dining units also accept Connections, Privileges, cash, debit and credit cards.
  • Due to system upgrades and meal plan changes, cards will be required for all transactions (Meals, Dining Dollars, Connections, and Privilege).