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On-Campus Meal Plans

Is that a Dragon roaring in your stomach … or are you just hungry?

Keep the hunger at bay with an on-campus meal plan that suits your appetite.

Click to find out how the pieces work and pick how many Dining Dollars you need.

Instructions to change your plan.

Use in Neubig
& The Bistro—
Residential Dining
 Dining Dollars*
per semester 
Use in retail dining
 for "takeout"
 Guest Passes 
per semester
Use in Neubig
& The Bistro
Price Per
Platinum Plus
($28 per week**)
Gold Plus
Unlimited Access*
($21.50 per week**)
Silver Plus
Unlimited Access*
($15 per week**)
Bronze Plus
Unlimited Access*
($8 per week**)
Copper Plus
Unlimited Access*
($1.60 per week**)
Unlimited access to residential dining in Neubig and The Bistro visit as much as you want.
All transactions in our other on-campus dining facilities (retail) are paid out of the Dining Dollars account. 
*Dining Dollars per week are approximations based on a 15-week semester and are for weekly budgeting purposes only.
  • Your ID card is your meal plan card.
  • Your meal plan is for your personal use only.
  • When you pay your tuition bill, you’re automatically signed up for the Silver Plus plan.
  • Retail dining units also accept Connections, Privileges, cash, debit and credit cards.

Change your meal plan right online!

The default plan is the Silver Plus. Choose how many Dining Dollars you need for the semester.
The deadline to change your meal plan is the Friday of the first FULL week of classes at 4:30 pm.

Log onto myRedDragon

  1. Select the Student Online tab
  2. Select the “Main Menu” link in the Residence Life and Housing Channel
  3. This will bring them to the main Residential Services menu where there is a link for:
  4. “Upgrade or downgrade on campus mean plan/Add off campus meal plan”
  5. You can change your meal plan only once online. Contact us for additional changes.
  6. Meals are available through the last day of exams.
Call (607) 753-2430
Visit the ASC office in Neubig Hall, open 8 am-4:30 pm, Monday - Friday

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Cortland Meal Plans