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sustainable solution for social-distance dining

O2GO Reusable Food Containers by OZZI are a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to single-use, to-go containers.

The OZZI system:

  • reduces landfill waste
  • reduces dependency on fossil fuels by limiting deliveries of disposable containers
  • saves trees and reduces emissions
  • is user and operationally friendly
  • NSF certified, FDA approved
  • Made in the USA
  • BPA-free No. 5 plastic
  • ECOLAB-tested for 1,000 washes
  • 100% recyclable
O2GO Food Container

How it works

  1. At Neubig and The Bistro,  get a container and cutlery with your meal.
  2. When you are done, take the empty container and cutlery  to one of our convenient drop-off areas -- any dining facility that is open or at your next meal.
  3. You will receive a new container with your meal. 
O2GO collection cart


What happened to the Ozzi token?
We no longer require a token for exchanging a container.

What if I lose my container?
No container? No problem! We have extras. Ask the cashier for a new one.

I'm not getting enough to eat.
Ask the server for an extra helping of your favorites! If you get hungry later, you can always return to the dining hall for more.

What do I do with my cutlery?
It's also reusable! Place cutlery in your used container before returning it.

Reusable containers are disgusting and unsanitary!
O2GO containers are made of BPA-free No. 5 plastic and are ECOLAB-tested for 1,000 washes. All of our containers go through a complete washing/sanitizing process after they are returned. Food residue is sprayed off and sent to our pulpers. The containers are then machine-washed and sanitized to 180 degrees F. Then they are stacked to be air-dried.

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