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Student Employee Topics/Training

Employee Topics


  • This page contains a links to claim form, website and more for Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance, Pension, Employee Assistance Programs and more.
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    Handbooks / Contract

  • Policies and rules governing student employees
  • Bargaining Unit Handbook
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    Promotional Opportunities

  • Form and checklist to complete for non-bargaining unit promotions
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    Relocation to the Cortland Area Attractions

  • This is a link to rental properties provide by colleagues of SUNY Cortland.
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    Safety - On the job and Personal Safety

  • This links to page of safety videos, crime stats, UPD, safety policies and forms
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    Special Forms

  • We want to hear from you!
  • Disability Form
  • This is only to be used for short term lending. This is NOT to be used when one employee is assuming duties of someone leaving employment.
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    SUNY Cortland Resources

  • Listing of software that can be purchased with a .edu email
  • There are many departments/offices on campus that send out important information, choose what emails you want to receive. • go to Cortland homepage *click on myRedDragon - top of the screen • Log-in • look in the lower right hand corner click on ‘Manage your mailing list membership’. • Enter your myRedDragon login/password again • Click on the red ‘Manage My List Membership’ again
  • SUNY Cortland operates the phone system for Cortland Auxiliary
  • Sign up to receive email and cell phone alerts for SUNY Cortland and surrounding areas
  • This is a calendar for academic classes
  • There is also a directory on MyRedDragon that contain more information and features.
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  • Looking for additional training? Check these sources!
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    Work Order Systems

  • Request repair, replacement, or movement of equipment or facilities.
  • Request replacement, repair, or movement of technology
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