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  • Learn French, Spanish, and a host of other global languages at your own pace using interactive multimedia. Includes audio, video, printouts, and Podcasts.
  • How to Design Eye-Catching Brochures, Newsletters, Ads, and Reports
    Mistake -Free Grammar & Proofreading
    How to Communicate with Tact and Professionalism
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    Food Safety and Sanitation

  • The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals is a provider of the nationally-accredited "Food Safety Manager" and "Food Safety Handler" exams, similar to ServSafe. Successful completion of the in-class training and exam grants students a 5-year certificate in food safety that is nationally recognized.
  • Federal food safety guidelines and helpful tips! Get up-to-date with recalls and alerts, as well as news, "ask the experts", and reporting.
  • Introduction to food safety (Chapter 1) through the new "eFoodHandlers" certification program. Watch this brief YouTube video to get an overview of the training program, or brush up on food safety requirements!
  • Download and print this easy-to-view training tool! Dining Services recognizes a "Temperature Danger Zone" of 40-140 degrees F. Take food temps every 90 minutes!
  • Presented by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, ServSafe is a leading provider of food safety, sanitation, HACCP, and alcohol safety education for the hospitality industry.
  • Link to the current New York State Sanitary Codes for Food Service Establishments
  • Think food safety is just for restaurants? Think again! The majority of food borne illness incidents occur from food prepared at home. Includes tips for lunch boxes, parties, picnics, and take-out food.
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    Food Service Skills

  • Culinary Institute of America's exclusive program for experienced cooks and chefs to further their education in the culinary field. CEIP accepts a limited amount of applications each year. Visit their site for more information.
  • Various culinary videos hosted through the ACF website. Learn basic baking techniques, knife skills, butchery, and more in these brief videos. Link to other great resources such as recipes, books, and more!
  • TC3 courses for aspiring "Hotel & Restaurant" managers; brush up on current trends, or earn your AAS degree! Check out the Culinary Arts program to learn more about cooking and food service...
  • TC3 offers a renowned Culinary Training Program for the Finger Lakes area! Earn an AAS degree in Culinary Arts, or take a few classes to learn the "new" art of "Farm-to-Table" cooking, utilizing the college's innovative organic garden and bistro-style restaurant.
  • The re-invented "Farm-to-Table" idea has exploded in the Finger Lakes area with TC3's innovative Culinary Arts program, organic garden, and the all-new "Cultivare" culinary center in downtown Ithaca! Click the link to find out more...
  • One-year certification course through the Onondaga Community College (OCC) in the Culinary Arts. Teaches marketable skills for entry-level cooks, chef's assistants, and various other positions in commercial kitchens.
  • BBQ, French Cooking, Bistro, Mediterranean, Pastry, Baking, Health Cooking - for 3, 4, 5 days camps
  • Foodservice Management
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  • Form to be use to approve and track all training not given by internal trainers
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    Microsoft Office

  • Link directly to the official Microsoft Office training website! Get the tools you need to master the latest Office programs, such as Word, Outlook, Excel and more. Stay up-to-date, or learn a new shortcut...
  • FREE Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook and more!) training.
  • The continuing education extension of TC3 that offers classes at its Dryden, Ithaca, and Cortland locations.
  • Offers a variety of beginner to advanced classes in MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook. Classes taught online and in Syracuse, Ithaca, and Binghamton.
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    Motor Vehicle Safety

  • An online course designed to give an overview of driver policy and NYS Defensive Driver class tutorial for "Approved Drivers". Use the link above to connect to the online course. NYS Defensive Driver online is a separate course set up through the Training Coordinator in Winchell Hall.
  • Safe driver training, also known as defensive driving, is offered in a 6 hour online class format. It can be completed in multiple sessions, at your convenience, within a 30 day period. Completion of the course may provide a reduction in NYS car insurance. This is the approved course for Cortland Auxiliary employees who drive company vehicles. If you are purchasing the class for your own use, enter coupon code 301 at checkout for a discount!
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    Other Training Topics

  • Seminars in communication, management skills, computer skills, etc. held in the Syracuse area.
  • Available to CSEA members, the Partnership offers a variety of business and general skills classes as well as educational advisement and tuition assistance.
  • Books, Videos, Audio CD's on a variety of business and training topics. See the associate director or training coordinator in the office (Winchell) if you would like to borrow materials.
  • Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects, and Deadlines
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  • Powerpoint on the reasons for using the ECC
  • Criticism & Discipline Skills
    Essential Skills for the First-Time Manager or Supervisor
    How to Supervise People
  • Leading Management Teams
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    Training Schedules

  • Updated 9/8/20 -- Print, post, and use this calendar to stay up-to-date with classes and events within Cortland Auxiliary! If you'd like to schedule the Training Center in Winchell Hall for your own class or meeting space, or to sign up for an existing class or event, please contact the Training Coordinator at ext. 2081.
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    Video Training Services

  • Multiple topics covered in this interactive and informative training website. From basic computer knowledge, to Microsoft Office, to iPhones, Androids and other technologies! Also, basic English/grammar, math, money strategies, career planning, workplace basics, and over 125 other training tutorials right at your fingertips!
  • Link to "" for online training solutions! Courses include: leadership, communication, management/supervision, Microsoft Office products, and much more! We now have FREE access to this site, using the New York Public Library. Contact the Training Coordinator at x2081 for more information.
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    Work Life Safety

  • Online course for "Bodily Fluid" identification and clean-up policy and procedures. This online class is required annually for compliance.
  • These just might be the most important classes you ever take! Learn CPR for adults and kids, choking procedures, first aid, and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) use. CPR/First Aid is offered on campus. Contact the Training office at x2081 if you are interested in taking this class.
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