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For credit card orders or refunds call phone 1-800-525-7307 (Visa, MasterCard)

MicroFridge defined:

noun 1. a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave all in one unit. 2. a must-have for life at college

  • Stand-alone microwave ovens and most cooking appliances are prohibited in the residence halls.  The MicroFridge is the only permitted device that includes a microwave oven. Because of its unique circuitry, the MicroFridge automatically cuts off power to the refrigerator/freezer whenever the microwave is in use — so it never overloads a circuit.

  • All units meet size and energy guidelines set by the college and this will be the only cooking appliance allowed in the student's rooms on campus.

  • Check out food safety tips for your residence hall room or watch this

Important information:

  • Only one MicroFridge can be placed in each room. If two roommates both order, Campus Specialities (CSI) will completely refund one student. Just call for a refund — 1-800-525-7307.
  • Orders placed by August 10 ensure your MicroFridge will be in your room when you arrive at school. Orders can be placed as late as the end of the first week of school, but supplies are limited and your unit will be delivered at a later date.

  • Order yours for the semester or the year! For SUMMER RENTALS, please call Scott Gilbertson at 607-753-2061. TO RENT FOR ONE SEMESTER call 1-800-525-7307.

  • If you move to another dorm room after you arrive, it will be your responsibility to move your MicroFridge to the new location. Handcarts are available in each dorm. Please contact CSI to notify them of the new location to avoid lost equipment charges — 1-800-525-7307.


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