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Snack and beverage vending machines are located in most campus buildings

Use cash, credit cards, your SUNY Cortland ID card or pay with your phone.

Both the Connections Account and the Privileges Account can be used for vending purchases.

Concerns? Comments? Refunds? Send an email or text message to or go to one of the following refund locations for assistance:

Dragon’s Den, Old Main
Bookmark, Library
Business Office, Neubig Hall
Hilltop, Brockway Hall

CONTACT INFORMATION TO BE UPDATED:The beverage vending on campus is provided by Coca-Cola Bottlers of Syracuse, NY, at 888-361-9074. The snack vending is provided by Robbins Vending Company at 607-756-5841. You may also contact Cortland Auxiliary at 607-753-2430.

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