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Student Employment Application

Please read the following work rules and answer the question below. You will not be able to proceed until you answer correctly.

  1. All student employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner when in the employment of ASC. Students should use common sense and good judgment to provide customer service and positively represent ASC. If you were the customer, how would you want to be treated?

    • Attend customers promptly and courteously. Be cheerful and strive to understand their needs.

    • NO CELL PHONES may be in the work area. If a cell phone is observed in the work area, you will be required to place the phone in a remote location at your own risk.

    • No visitors, pets, alcohol, weapons, illegal drugs/paraphernalia, personal electronic devices (cell phones, iPods) or personal items may be in the work area

    • Be aware of the impression your speech, behavior, and dress presents to the customer

    • Be knowledgeable about the merchandise and services in your department

    • Follow the direction of any supervisor or manager promptly

    • Use equipment, products, and facilities for business purposes only

    • You must notify a supervisor of your whereabouts before leaving your work area.

    • Follow all safety, employment, and work rules at all times.

    • You must be prepared and ready to perform your duties when you punch in. This includes not being under the influence of any alcohol or illegal drugs. You should be properly rested and dressed appropriately.

    • Dishonesty including lying, stealing, failing to charge customers, misrepresentation, falsifying any records, aiding or abetting lying or stealing, or any other dishonesty is not professional conduct. Eating when you have not paid for the food or removing food meant for waste will be considered theft.

    • Employees must completely and truthfully cooperate with any workplace investigation.

Please answer this question:

Employees may not have _____________________ in the work area.