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Your meal plan: Just the ticket to a good meal or snack while on campus.

Whether you live on campus, over at West Campus, or in your own apartment, eating on campus with a meal plan is less expensive and more convenient.

fall 2020 reduced meal plan charges:

Students who purchased a meal plan for the Fall 2020 semester will receive a reduced charge based on the categories below.

On-campus meal plans: Students will receive a $250 refund for these meal plans: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper.

Off-campus meal plans: Students will receive a $100 refund for these meal plans: Olympic, Collegiate and Recreational.

For off-campus students with a Dragon Plan, dining dollars will be refunded at 10% of the amount paid, unless a student’s remaining balance is below that amount at end of semester. For instance, a student who purchased a $750 plan will receive a $75 refund. Students who have spent the full amount of their plan or who have a balance less than 10% will not receive a refund.

Choosing the right one isn't as difficult as it looks. Just think of your plan in 3 parts:

  1. Unlimited Meals — Dine in Neubig and The Bistro as much as you want (residential dining)
  2. Dining Dollars — Choose a meal plan based on how much "take out"  is needed for quick-service meals and snacks in the retail units.
  3. Guest Passes — Compliments of Dining Services, treat a guest to a meal in Neubig or The Bistro.

You can supplement your meal plan by adding money to a Connections account for use on or off campus.

For more information:

A few notes:

If you live in a residence hall, you must purchase a meal plan.
If you live off campus or at West Campus, a meal plan is optional but a good idea.
A meal plan is for your personal use only and is nonrefundable after the tenth week of classes.
Due to system upgrades and meal plan changes, cards will be required for all transactions (Meals, Dining Dollars, Connections and Privilege).

Retail Units: Fuel, Hilltop, The Bookmark, The Dragon's Den, Greens & Grains, Pomodri's and Union Station

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